Screening bucket

Dig–Screen–Load – the Dappen "DaSie” screening bucket

The hydraulically powered Dappen “DaSie” screening bucket can separate all materials occurring on a construction site such as construction rubble, mixed construction waste, soil, clinker and waste incineration ash and therefore prepare them for recycling. It is used in horticulture and landscaping, road and canal construction, demolition, in quarries and when screening construction rubble and soil. It sieves any material on the construction site without blocking, problem-free and is extremely effective. Particularly the cost-effective reclaiming of recyclable stone material that can be prepared improves your yield considerably by cutting back on transport and waste disposal costs.

Your advantages:

  • Low maintenance
  • Low wear
  • Easy handling
  • Effective separation on site
  • Dig – Screen – Load → without changing the attachment
  • Tremendous increase in performance in comparison to rigid screening buckets
  • No BImSch (Federal Emission Control Act) permit is needed for use on a construction site


In order to increase the number of possible uses, two options are available for reducing the mesh size:

Option 1 – Adjusting rod

The adjusting rods are placed onto the existing rods and screwed to them using a spacer. The mesh size can be reduced by half in this way, for example.

Option 2 – Metal sheet inserts

The metal sheet inserts are exactly adapted to the rod shape and are screwed to the respective rod. The mesh size with the metal sheet inserts is individually adapted to customer requirements, and ranges from 10mm x 10mm for play sand up to 40mm x 40mm and bigger.

Take a look now at our Dappen screening buckets in action: