Green Road Ltd. takes over general sale of the Dappen product range in Israel

Because of the increasing demand for the “DaSie” screening bucket in the Israel region, a local dealer was sought out who would market and look after the Dappen product range. After brief discussions with Itzik Malka and Nir Cohen, the managing directors of Green Road Ltd., at the beginning of 2015 it was agreed they it would become the exclusive distributor for Israel.

Within a short time, more than a dozen of the large model B44 “DaSie” screening buckets were placed on the market. The buckets were delivered in the HD version for the heavy deployments in Israel. The different “DaSie” screening buckets were needed for a wide variety of uses, and were delivered with mesh sizes of 80mm, 100mm, 120mm and 150mm x 200mm.

Some were equipped with additional insert plates with a mesh width of 35mm, 40mm or 50mm, which were optionally screwed to the bars in order to reduce the mesh width. Others, on the other hand, were equipped with additional adjusting rods, which are screwed on parallel to each individual screening rod with a spacer in order to effectively halve the mesh width. The purpose of use of the “DaSie” screening bucket in Israel extends from the normal recycling yard to the screening of gabion stones and the clearing of land mines.

During the clearing of land mines it is primarily a case of the land mines not being triggered by the impact of rotors, as would be the case with separator buckets, or by continuous flipping over of the land mines, as would be the case with drum screeners. Here the kinematics of the “DaSie” screening bucket has a considerable advantage over its competitors, since the hydraulic screening movement of the individual rods only gently tilts the land mine and the other material in the bucket to and fro in order to separate out the fine content and the smaller stones, so that the land mines can be detected and properly disposed of.

When the “DaSie” screening bucket is used in demolition and in the recycling yard, the transport and disposal costs caused by the previous separation of the materials are reduced or even dispensed with altogether. This does not just save money but also valuable time, which gives you a considerable advantage over the competition. Furthermore, screening of the zero component before crushing using a crusher system results in a significant improvement to the crushing capacity and recycling quality. Having good recycling quality can win over and retain new customers.

The “DaSie” screening bucket is a hydraulically powered screening bucket which can also be used for digging or loading. The range of products ranges from 1.5t to 45t carriers for excavators and 3.8t to 45t carriers for wheeled loaders. The basic mesh width can be selected from 30mm to 150mm. The “DaSie” screening bucket has a central lubricating system which only needs to be lubricated at weekly intervals at the side flanges in order to evenly lubricate all bearing points. Because of the hydraulic screening movement, hardly any vibration is transmitted to the carrier in comparison to conventional rigid screening buckets. This does not just protect the bearing points of the carrier but also the physical well-being of the operator.

The “DaSie” screening bucket is certain to be of interest to many companies because of its design and the wide range if different uses, since cutting down transport and disposal costs is an important part of the overall calculations, as we all know.

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